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KAN was set up by local GP Dr William House.

Through building relationships with individuals and local voluntary and statutory organisations we generate an understanding of patterns of need and of inclusion and exclusion within the community. We use that understanding to work with existing organisations and individuals to promote greater connectivity, collaboration and understanding of the needs of individuals and voluntary groups and how they can be met in sustainable ways. We do this by holding networking events (and encouraging others to hold similar events) at which communication and collaboration between individuals and voluntary groups can be facilitated with a view to greater mutual understanding, better use of resources and social inclusion; by promoting the wider availability and use of local news media and social media to help people to be more aware of local opportunities; by identifying and supporting individuals and informal groups with ideas likely to improve social inclusion; by holding educational events to improve knowledge and understanding of the social, environmental and economic problems faced by the community and how these might be resolved by local action.

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Keynsham Kindness Festival

Last year we ran a Kindness Day in April and a smaller event in November. If you haven't heard about it before, you can see a short video about it on our Kind Keynsham facebook page

This year we're planning another event:

Keynsham Kindness Festival, in a similar model to Bristol Food Connections,will aim to be lots of little events in various venues over a number of days between 3rd & 13th November (which is International Kindness Day). In this way, no single organisation will need to commit either significant time or money and each can choose how they would like to contribute, loosely based on the overall theme which is about how kindness affects wellbeing, using the 5 Ways to Wellbeing (devised originally by the New Economics Foundation and used a lot by various organisations) as a basis for a wide range of activities. The 5 ways are Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Take Notice, and Give.(see image: Source: Dartmoor Links

We hope to encourage people, whether as individuals or part of an organisation, to take part, this can be something very quick and simple, fitting in with your current activities, as we firmly believe kind acts should be free and easy to do. We really want to reach as many local people as possible in all age ranges , through a variety of kindness related goings on that will hopefully mean there is something for everyone. As with our previous event, this will mean we'll look at ways of being kind not only to people but also to animals and our environment.

There may also (given the time frame) be some link with Armistice, perhaps something along the lines of Kindness not Conflict, possibly with speakers about how kindness can help to prevent wars (perhaps with Phil Hammond to host as he has done for previous KAN Live Simply events at Keynsham Music Festival). It would be great to get speakers from different generations (maybe include Keynsham Now for instance).

We hope to encourage contributors to record what they are doing and share it using our registered Kind Keynsham hashtag #kindness_connects which can be crowdmapped (we have a Ushahidi account) using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to show when and where all the kindness related goings on are happening (we hope also be able to find someone local to make a short film).

We plan to put together a 'programme' of events and promote this through various channels including KAN social media, local press, local radio etc. We hope to be able to ask for a local designer to help put together flyers/posters etc. for this.

Some of the ideas to date include:

Connect: using the Kindness couches that we launched last year as pop up chat spots; Stefan (Temple Street Canteen) is planning a Tea Party

Be Active : Dance, sports, yoga, walking etc.

Keep Learning: free taster sessions for art/music etc.; involvement of schools, Girl Guides etc.

Take Notice: Plastic Re-action; Wildlife Trust, Wombles (litter pick)

Give: shops on Temple Street planning some freebies; Keynsham Rocks! are keen to be involved and will hopefully be able to paint some #kindness rocks

You can get in touch with us through our facebook page (above) or Keynsham Action Network facebook page or Twitter feed @keynshamaction. You'll also be able to get an idea of any news we have about the upcoming event.

We really hope you'll want to be involved in this exciting event : we think Keynsham is already a very kind place and we want to celebrate that!

Thanking one of our true pillars of the Keynsham community

Here in Keynsham Action Network, we are delighted to have the opportunity to thank our very own Sheila Crocombe as part of Volunteers Week which runs from 1st to 7th June.

We will be having a small feature on Sheila on our Ododow profile and have planned a presentation to her in Keynsham's Temple Street Canteen on Tuesday 5th June.

Sheila is a giant in the voluntary sector in and around Keynsham. A former School Governor and leader of the PTA, she was a founder member of Keynsham Community Association and has shown huge energy, interest and enthusiasm in a broad range of worthwhile local causes. She is a founding member of Keynsham Action Network and active in Transition Keynsham's food group. She set up and runs a voluntary Maths tuition group for local children based at Community@67, and is tirelessly committed to the good of the community and the welfare of every single individual within it.

Sheila truly is a pillar of our Keynsham community: she is also a wonderful hostess for our steering group meetings, plying us with plentiful hot or cold drinks and tasty snacks. She is a real inspiration: Thank You Sheila!

#KindKeynsham Daily #Kindness Themes

As part of our Kind Keynsham initiatives we have started the idea of different daily kindness related themes.

We start small, and as the week progresses move outwards, so that we create a ripple of kindness starting with ourselves and moving as far as possible right out into the wider world.

Aside from helping other people, we want to encourageeveryone to get involved regardless of what matters to them, so kindness canmean:

• MONDAY : Kindnessto self: often very hard for people to do! It may be something as simple as taking a few minutes' breather to do a mindfulness breathing exercise

• TUESDAY: Kindnessto loved ones: expressing appreciation, running a hot bath, doing a choreunasked, writing a letter or email to someone or phoning them

• WEDNESDAY : Kindnessto colleagues: making a cup of coffee, praising work etc.

• THURSDAY: Kindnessto strangers : open a door, let someone out in traffic; maybe buy a #suspendedcoffee at one of our participating coffee shops

• FRIDAY: Kindnessto the community : helping in a local group, shopping in local shops, donatingitems to charity shops etc.

• SATURDAY: Kindnessto animals: your own pets (re-home a cat/dog), wildlife (feed the garden birds,or the ducks at the pond), support RSPB, RSPCA etc.

• SUNDAY : Kindnessto the environment: picking up litter, buying sustainably sourced productsetc., planting wildflowers

All these small deeds not only help the people on thereceiving end, but also those giving the kindness, and this helps to connectpeople with each other and with the world.

Why not follow our #kindness themes on our Kind Keynsham facebook page www. or Twitter feed @keynshamaction and please do join and and post suggestions or experiences using #kindness_connects

Happy New Year!

Hello friends,

Our group would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and we hope that 2018 brings more positivity, kindness and lots of community spirit.

Our Kind Keynsham initiative was very well received last year and we hope that the kindness will spread even further in the coming months. The suspended coffees idea is working well and we gather lots of people are using it in our local participating cafes.

Kindness is about nurturing a sense of kinship ('kindship'?) and belonging, and we want to support all the local Keynsham and Saltford groups who help to further this.

We also hope to encourage people to be kind to themselves. In this hectic world, looking after yourself is vitally important. Sometimes it is just resolving to say 'Yes' to opportunities you want to take up and 'No' to the demands of others a little more often when you need to.

Being kind to animals can be very rewarding, even simple things like putting out food for garden birds, especially during these winter months, or feeding the ducks at the pond in the park. It all helps reconnect us with nature.

Decluttering is a great way of starting the new year and donating your unwanted items to charity shops is another way of being kind to the community and recycling rather than wasting.

In a wider sense, kindness can be used in environmental issues, and with the international focus on plastic waste, what better way to be kinder to the planet than to make a resolution to use less plastic? More locally we have Keynsham Wombles trying to make Keynsham a litter free town, so picking up litter really helps keep our town looking lovely.

Whatever you do, making kindness a part of your daily life is well worth doing.

Wishing you all a kindness filled year!

Festive Greetings

2017 has been a year full of Kindness in Keynsham and we're hoping that 2018 will see this spread even further!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Suspended Coffees in Keynsham

Why not share a bit of Festive Kindness in Keynsham as Christmas approaches by donating a #suspendedcoffee at one of the participating cafes in #Keynsham? Just look for the sign and ask to pay for an extra drink when you order #actofkindness #kindkeynsham#kindness_connects


Kind Keynsham Day was on the 11th November in Keynsham high street , weather was bit wet for the event . At first some thought there was a catch to giving out the goody bags, but after a while people was surprised and the children looking into the goody bags to see what was in there . In the bags as our theme is yellow there was banana, pencil ,suspended coffee , wrist band and small rock for the children to paint and hide. we thank the people of KEYNSHAM hoping that they will take a little kindness to others. This was done for the up coming world kindness day on the Monday . This little boy was curious what was in his goody bag.


On the 11th of November Kind Keynsham will be giving out goody bags in Keynsham high street. Look out for the yellow umbrellas.

Kindness cost nothing its something we do every day without thinking, and to do little acts of kindness brings smiles and happiness to those who live in our communities. We will be along the high street come and get goody bag .

This is to the lead up to World Kindness day on the 13th November 2017 .Kindness Day UK is celebrated nationwide annually .It is a day to celebrate and promote kindness in all its forms.

World Kindness Day falls on the same day and united people in kindness globally.

Kindness Day

Keynsham Kindness Day

The very first Keynsham KindnessDay began with the schoolchildren at St Keyna Primary singing their kindnesssong as they do every day…but on Monday 24th April, they were beingfilmed by BBC Points West ahead of Keynsham Action Network’s launch event fortheir Kind Keynsham project, which aims to celebrate acts of kindness inKeynsham and beyond. Local shops joined in and made special window displays inyellow to spread the word in the town.

KAN is a small local group ofvolunteers with a Kan-do attitude which aims to help people who live or work inKeynsham to connect people and help positive ideas take root and spread tobenefit the whole town to make it somewhere everyone feels they belong and arevalued.

The kindness project is inspiredby national and international kindness and friendship initiatives and aims tostart a wave of kindness to combat isolation and to help people connect throughkindness.

Supported by funding from theQuartet Community Fund and hosted by Aquaterra at Somerdale Pavilion, thelaunch event on 24th, brought together many local individuals andgroups but also connected with kindness campaigners in London and the USA. Chairman of BANES Cllr Alan Hale and Chairmanof Keynsham Town Council Lisa O’Brien launched two bright yellow beanbag‘kindness couches’ which will tour the town and local areas in communitygroups, schools etc. to help encourage people to sit together and chat and hopefullywill inspire people to do acts of kindness.

Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig, who, at14 has already travelled the globe with her family, kindly launched theproject’s wristbands which carry a hashtag #kindness_connects and hopefullywill travel far and wide to be spread through acts of kindness, which can beshared using the hashtag on social media.

The event had a wide variety ofactivities to suit all ages including a Kindness café run by Londoner HarpalDhatt, interactive drama, art, pamper sessions, singing with the Goldies,Dementia Action Alliance, Samaritans and a discussion on teen bullying. Itfeatured special videos by Leon Logothetis, author of Kindness Diaries (onNetflix) Orly Wahba, founder of Life Vest Inside. Also the trailer for Love ThyNature by Sylvie Rokab to remind us of the need to connect with nature and bekind to the environment. But the real star of the show was little Daisy fromthe animal welfare charity Heart!

The event was hugely wellreceived and covered on local TV and radio, as well as on Radio Cornwall in theevening. KAN hope to hold further events in the coming months and that otherpeople will be inspired to spread the kindness on an everyday basis to makeKeynsham the first ‘Kind Town’.

KAN already have a twitter feed@keynshamaction and have set up a new facebook page for the project’d really like people to share stories about kindness to spread the word!

Keynsham Kindness Day

We're delighted to announce our Kindness Day on Monday 24th April !

Our event is supported by B&NES Supporting Communities and Wellbeinggrant funding from Quartet Community Foundation and by Aquaterra who runSomerdale.

We will invite representatives of various local groups andfind Kindness Ambassadors who can then help us spread the word and acts ofkindness, using a variety of small items such as labels, cards, friendshipbracelets etc.

At the event we will have videos by Leon Logothetis (authorof The Kindness Diaries), Orly Wahba (from Life Vest Inside) and by localschoolchildren singing their Kindness song, sessions with Bath Dementia ActionAlliance and the Samaritans. We will have a compassion circle with Deborah Janeand Wellbeing session with Jules Allan as well as a Kindness Café with HarpalDhatt who has run them in London and Nepal: so from Kathmandu to Keynsham!Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig will come along to focus on the teen age group. We hopeto have some interactive drama on the kindness theme. We are delighted thatrecently published local author Paris Brosnan will do a reading of herchildren’s book Billy Bee and the Sugar Plums.Add to that inspirational videosabout acts of kindness, songs from local band Verdisa and a mix of narrativesabout isolation in our modern world, with a rich variety of people present andwe hope a huge amount of positive energy and goodwill can be generated whichwill be the stone being cast into the pond and the ripples of a wave ofkindness can spread from there out into Keynsham and beyond.

We plan to distribute wristbands that we want people to passon was widely as possible in acts of kindness, they will have the hashtag#kindness_connects which we aim to crowdmap to see how far we can spread thekindness: A little kindness goes a longway!

Our signature colour is yellow and we hope that guests willbring along some small yellow themed items that we could use as prizes in ourTombola or simply to exchange in acts of kindness on the day.

We have set up aLocalgiving appeal page to help fund further parts of our Kindness Project: if you would liketo donate or better still fundraise for us that would be great!

Tickets for our eventwill be free and available from Eventbrite at


For guests who may have difficulty in travelling to thevenue, we are delighted to have support from Keynsham District Dial-A-Ride whohave kindly offered to help with transport for a small donation. Please eithercontact KDDAR on 01225 395321 and mention the Kindness Day or contact KAN viaour facebook page or Twitter.